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Photo gallery

Photo gallery

LASUEURO project photo gallery (6th to 18th April)
"Manas paaudzes dziesma" (31.01.2003)
Courses for our teachers about motivation (in 17.01.2003)
New year ball in PSG (in 16.01.2003)
The end of first semester - The Christmas show (in 20.12.2002)
A little bit delayed Basketball tournament pictures
ECDL exam in PSG (in 30.11.2002)
A project "All is beginning form the school" presentation (in 29.11.2002)
Absolvents meeting (16.11.2002) - formal part
Absolvents meeting (16.11.2002) - unformal part
Lāčplēša day pictures (11.11.2002)
Chess tournament in PSG (06.11.2002 and 11.11.2002)
Parent meeting
The Debate Tournament (12.10.2002)
Informatics teachers seminary in Riebini (18.10.2003)
"Let's introduce each other" evening in PSG (17.10.2003)
PSG parliament election (15.10.2003)
Consecration in PSG
Teacher's day "Brain Bank"
Guests from Kuldiga gimnasium
Pictures from english theater (26.09.2003)
Cross-race in Preili park in 9th september 2002
"Draudziga aicinajuma" prize handing
Tourism day pictures
Lectures "School is first who strats waste-sorting in Preili region"
The First September (year 2002)
English teachers seminar in PSG (18.04.2003)
German teachers seminar in PSG (15.04.2003)
Badge evening in year 2002
2nd aprill event - extreme sport day
"Mode week" photogallery (8.03.2002)
Pictures from "Wonders evening"

Christmas and last school day events
Teacher and educatee trip to Finland on autumn 2001
Preili in pictures
State gymnasium's 3rd sport contest
Badge evening in year 2001

  Photo gallery
Photo gallery
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