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Out of class activities
    These activities are characteristic for many of Latvian schools. In PSG students may choose choir and folk dance. We are strong in basketball (boys), volleyball (girls) and track and field athletics,   aerobics is offered as well.

Tourism Day
   Tourism day is usually at the end of September or at the beginning of October. This activity can also be called "rest day". At Preili State Gymnasium (PSG) students and teachers think that being outside the school in nature encourages students to mix. It is really important to be able to collaborate successfully.

Teachers Day
   Students establish their authority at school for a day. This activity is important for 3rd year students. They can feel what  it means to be a teacher in front of the class and to try to attract other students' attention. The activity is organised and directed by the 3rd year students.

Autumn Cross Country Race
In the autumn cross country race the best students at the PSG are selected. They will represent school at the district level.

Students' Parliament Elections
   Students' Parliament elections usually take place in the beginning of October. The candidates make speeches and try out all kinds of activities to achieve publicity. The Students' Parliament is responsible for useful and interesting activities in our Gymnasium.

Festival of Gymnasium
   The festival of Gymnasium is celebrated on the Saturday before November 18th. The festival includes meeting of Gymnasium graduates and a reception for the teachers, graduates and students of the gymnasium.

   The Preili State Gymnasium  flag was consecrated at Preili Catholic Church on November 15, 1996. After the consecration all students of PSG and the priest J. Gugans in solemn procession walked to PSG premises. The priest consecrated the premises and made a speech. The famous film director J. Streics talked to the students and the teachers, a group of students from Daugavpils Music College played some classical music. In the evening the Gymnasium director held the reception and party.

Poetry days
    During this event everyone who feels poetic and thinks that his or her performance can affect others can take part. Usually the best students later participate in the district or regional competitions.

Honouring Ceremony
   At the end of each semester there is a solemn completion activity. At this activity the director honours and awards the best students.

New Year Carnival
   New Year carnival usually takes place at the end of December or at the beginning of January. Each class then presents fancy dress performances. Usually there is much elation and cheerfulness.

Valentine's Day
   On Valentine's Day little paper hearts are hung on school walls. There are many confessions of love through the Amour's post. There are also couple games.

Humor Day
   On the 1st of April there are many jovial activities.

School Badge Evening
    On this evening 3rd year students, parents and teachers meet. Students show all the best in their performances. The students also receive special Gymnasium badges. The activity is organised and directed by 3rd year students.

Spring Party
   At the Spring Party there is a lot of joy about the nice springtime and sadness about the forthcoming separation during the long summer months.

Academic Olympiads
   Taking part at different competitions and at academic subject olympiads is also a tradition at Preili State Gymnasium. This activity usually happens in the first semester.

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Photo gallery
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